Payment & Checkout

Payment options include Mastercard, Visa, and PayPal.

The checkout and payment will be handled by Gumroad. They will calculate the price in USD and add the taxes relevant in your country. If you want to handle the purchase in a different way, you can write us a ↗ mail and we will see what we can do.

If you have any questions on Gumroad and how it will handle stuff for you as a customer, you will find helpful information on their ↗ customer support page.


The licence defines in which ways you are allowed to use the font files. You can read the EULA ↗ here. You will find short summaries of the most important aspects below:

Desktop Licence

This licence allows font files to be installed on a specified number of per­sonal computers (PCs) belonging to the licence holder to create documents, static images, logotypes, and such.

Web Licence

This licence allows font files to be embedded via self-hosting into a single website belonging to the licence holder and used for a specified, maximum number of monthly page views. The licence only needs to be upgraded once traffic increases.

Trial Licence

This licence is in effect when you use any of the trial fonts. This licence allows font files to be used for testing purposes only. It is strictly forbidden to use the provided font files in any kind of final and/or published project, may it be commercial or non-commercial. The only exception is students, who are allowed to use the fonts for student projects and may publish those as long as these student projects remain non-commercial. If possible, the name of the typeface used as well as the studio Nguyen Gobber has to be credited appropriately.

If you need to use the font in a way that is not covered in the licensing detail, please write us a ↗ mail, so we can define a licence for your specific case.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get when purchasing?

  • The latest font-file(s) (OTF or WOFF, WOFF2)
  • A specimen of the typeface (PDF)
  • The selected licence

Can I test the fonts before buying?

Of course, you can. There are trial versions with a limited character set available for each typeface. You can download them ↗ here.

I am a student. Can I get a discount?

If you are working on a student project and want to use my fonts, you are totally free to use the provided trial versions and show your results on your website, Instagram, etc. as long as the student project remains non-commercial.

What about updates of the font?

If you bought a licence, you will always be able to download the latest version of the font free of charge with the download link provided after your purchase, so keep it safe.

Where can I see some in-use examples of the typefaces?

There is a well-known platform called ↗ Fonts in Use where you will also find projects that use our fonts.

Which characters are included?

The provided fonts usually cover the most broadly used Latin based languages (comparable to the range of letters defined in ↗ OpenType Std as well as figures, punctuation, arrows, currency symbols, and various other glyphs. The exact character set might differ from font to font, though. You can check the character set of each font by taking a look at the last preview image or the specimen.

What if I want to change a small detail of the purchased font?

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to change the font on your own. Actually, you are not even allowed to open the font files in any kind of type design software that would enable you to do so, such as Glyphs, Robofont, Fontlab, and others. More details on this and similar questions can be found in the ↗ EULA. What you can do though is writing us a ↗ mail to discuss your plans as a commission for a bespoke typeface.

What about refunds if I do not like the purchased font?

If you are not happy with the purchased font for any reason, you can write us a ↗ mail and request a refund. You will get your money back and the purchased licence will be revoked, no questions asked.